Four Signs You Are Overwatering Your Plants

Giving your plants too much water is one of the biggest issues I see in landscapes today.  The mistake of overwatering your plants is not easy to diagnose.  In many instances too much water mimics the signs of too little water.  Below are four signs you can easily recognize to determine if you are giving your landscape too much water.

Your plant is wilting but it looks like it has plenty of water

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5 Strategies To Maximize Smart Irrigation Month

I am more excited about Smart Irrigation Month this year than past years because so many people are getting involved.  I have already seen a significant increase over past years in the  amount of publicity the first day of Smart Irrigation Month. It feels like we are building excellent momentum. The  Irrigation Association   created Smart Irrigation Month as an initiative to increase public awareness of… Read more »

A Quick Guide for Storing Fruits and Vegetables

At the last Water Conference sponsored by the Irrigation Association I was interested to hear Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer,  from IBM Big Green Innovation speak about water.  Peter quickly grabbed everyone’s attention when he pointed out 40% of the food grown in the United States goes uneaten.   This food is fruits and vegetables that take so much water to grow.   For those of us in the water conservation… Read more »

Think Conservation is Tough? 100 Simple Ways to Save Water Outdoors

1. To improve water conservation install a rain sensor, it turns off your irrigation when it rains. 2. Use a weather-based controller. The use of smart controllers can reduce water usage 24% a year on average. 3. Learn about available rebate programs by checking with local or state water agencies.  Rebates  help offset irrigation investments. 4. It’s important to partner with the right expertise (contractor/water manager), and smart technology to achieve conservation and plant health… Read more »


Whether you are located in an area plagued by recent droughts, live in a natural desert climate, or just have a few spots on your property where you don’t have irrigation infrastructure already in place, this list is for you. Below you’ll find an awesome mix of resources providing all you need to know about drought tolerant plants.

Why use drought tolerant plants?

Here’s a quick Drought Tolerant Plants Green… Read more »

Tree Preservation and Water Conservation

On a hot day, a  large mature tree can lose hundreds of  gallons of water from transpiration through its leaves. The same tree will lose almost no water on a cold winter day, and there are many possibilities in between.  Trees represent a significant investment in our landscape from both a capital and water expense.  Maintaining trees and keeping them healthy is an important part of our sustainability  program and will help with water conservation. … Read more »

Five Tips for Watering Young Trees in Turf

Watering trees in turf creates water management opportunity

Turf is typically watered with spray heads and they are not designed to provide a deep watering. Planting trees in turf creates some issues for irrigation.  Watering trees is very different than watering turf.  Watering your trees properly may require some out of the box thinking for your irrigation system, but the results will reflect positively on your landscape’s most valuable asset. Create a separate watering zone… Read more »

What you missed last week on #LandscapeChat

Smart Water Management Practices ValleyCrest Landscape Companies (@ValleyCrest) & Corona Tools (@CoronaTools) host #landscapechat every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT on Twitter to discuss the latest tips, trends and innovation in the green industry. On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, ValleyCrest’s Richard Restuccia (@H2Otrends), Director of Water Management Solutions, chatted with special guest Smartscape Arizona (@SmartscapeUA) on #landscapechat about how to adopt the smartest water management practices…. Read more »

1881 — An Opportunity to Do the Right Thing

ValleyCrest has been recommending most of the requirements in AB 1881 to clients for years. I believe 1881 creates some excellent recommendations for water efficiency.  In the past we may have made these recommendations, but at times customers did not act on them because of the financial burden.  Now due to the ordinance, customers in California are required to take advantage of the technology and processes.  In the… Read more »