As water continues to increase in price and become more scarce, water from your sprinkler landing on the side walk instead of the landscape or water running off the landscape onto the sidewalk is not tolerable. Water from sprinklers is often lost long before the water hits the ground.  Pop-up sprinkler heads have never been a very efficient way to water.  There are a variety of ways Read more »

A Reason To Revisit Flow Sensors

Smart controllers are making a positive impact on water management. What makes a controller smart?  There are several reasons and right at the top of the list is the ability to sense flow.  Flow sensors are affordable devices that can be installed to detect and automatically shut down the irrigation system when breaks, malfunctions or vandalism occur.  Flow sensing should be part of any large irrigation system.  Flow sensors are set… Read more »

The Future of Non-Potable Water Use

As potable water supplies dwindle and the cost per gallon rises, we have to be vigilant about how much we use and how we use it. One way to conserve potable water is to use non-potable water—rainwater, air conditioning condensate, stormwater run-off and treated wastewater—for purposes like landscape irrigation. Initiatives such as the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Program are driving the use of alternative water sources and the development of… Read more »

Saving With Smart Irrigation Controllers

Have you taken advantage of irrigation rebates available through your local water District? This is a great way to put money back into your budget. Conventional controllers require users to manually enter desired watering days and watering durations. This is often inefficient and results in either overwatering or underwatering your plants and turf. Smart controllers, also known as weather-based controllers or “et-based” controllers, adjust their irrigation schedules automatically based on daily weather changes and… Read more »

Rain Sense and Sensibility

In general it’s difficult to motivate people to be passionate about landscape irrigation.  However, there is one event — when the sprinklers come on and it’s raining — that really gets people going.  Adding a rain sensor to your current irrigation system might be the most sensible thing you can do to conserve water.  It can save water, money, and more importantly, keep your neighbors calm. Due to increased focus on water conserving products, manufacturers… Read more »