Water Prices, Poverty and You

The popular sentiment on the fastest way to get people to conserve water is to raise water prices. Resources for the Future published the article “Use Prices to Conserve Water when Supplies are Scarce,” which you can read by visiting bit.ly/llrate. It encourages rate increases as an effective method to conserve water. In their sample, a 10 percent increase in water rates produced a 6 percent reduction in water use. Their conclusion is: Raising prices… Read more »

Homeowner Associations – Water Management Starts With The Contract

Equity Management held a symposium concerning the drought in California and what homeowner associations should be focused on for excellent water management. There were several great presentations including one from Jon Epsten, an attorney at Epsten Grinnell & Howell.  Jon’s presentation focused on how the scope of work and contract can make a significant difference in water management. He explained how the HOA contract can… Read more »