How To Make A Difference – The Top 10 Posts from 2012

In the last 12 months had over 41,000 page views.  A clear sign more people are finding water interesting, or at least pricing and the potential of water shortages are attracting their interest.   Water management and water conservation continue to gain popularity.

Domestically, the states with the most readers are California, Texas and Florida, followed by Georgia, Arizona and Colorado.  New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Virginia round out  the top 10 states.  Nevada, a key state for water comes in at 15.   Alaska and South Dakota have the fewest visitors.

Readership from the U.S. is impressive, and I’m encouraged this is becoming a global conversation.  Readers are consistently visiting us from Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain.  We’re also picking up momentum with visitors from Mexico and the Netherlands.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us.  I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as we enjoy writing it.  Here’s to better water management in 2013, have a great holiday and keep the conversation flowing.


Our Top 10 Blog Posts in 2012

  1. Are You Obsessed
  2. 10 Reasons I Hate Irrigation and What You Can Do To Make Me Love Them
  3. 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Landscape More Efficient Today
  4. Celebrity Sightings At Starbucks
  5. Five Strategies For Successful Irrigation Installation
  6. I Love Water Fountains (But Not Everyone Does)
  7. 10 Low Water-Use Landscape Design Ideas
  8. Who Will Get Rich From Water’s Scarcity
  9. LEED Points For Water Efficiency – Worthwhile of Wast of Time?
  10. Capturing California’s Most Elusive Visitor

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Richard Restuccia

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