Severe Drought — H2 Uh Oh!

California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent State of Emergency Proclamation on drought conditions has focused attention on water scarcity and the need for efficient water use. Texas is also experiencing severe drought conditions.  Colorado, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida have all felt the effects of drought recent years as well. The good news in all this bad drought news is there are still lots of basic, inexpensive ways… Read more »

3 Options To Reduce Water Consumption During The Worst Drought In State's History

Amid California’s driest year on record, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday officially declared a drought emergency in the state.  He asked all Californians to reduce at least 20% of their water use.  He also explained at this point all the conservation efforts would be voluntary.  However, it’s really up to local cities and local water agencies to decide what measures to take to battle the drought.  Some might decide to ban outdoor… Read more »

How You Are Paying For The Drought!

As I walk out of the grocery store with two bags of groceries (in recyclable grocery bags of course) costing almost $80 I start to contemplate how bad is this drought?  Recently corn prices topped $8.00 a bushel (a 50% increase from a month ago) and soybeans crossed the $17 a bushel mark.  These are prices we have never seen before in the world.  This  also causes meat prices to rise dramatically as well because … Read more »

Water Awareness Month — Help Spread the Word!

May is water awareness month in California and the majority of people I speak with don’t know about the campaign.  The California Water Awareness Campaign is a yearlong effort by organizations in California to heighten public awareness of water.  This has been happening since 1989. This year there are over 70 cities and water agencies contributing to the program and approximately 300 water agencies, farm bureaus, and various other organizations… Read more »

WaterSmart Innovations Conference Is A Resounding Success

There was  a tremendous amount of activity at last week’s WaterSmart Innovations Conference .  I counted 43 exhibitors, and attendance exceeded 800 people from 33 states and 9 countries.   More importantly, I felt the  attendees were serious about managing water more efficiently and the conversations were interesting and meaningful.  This was definitely the right crowd wanting to make a difference in water management. One of the best conversation I had… Read more »