A Story of Rebates, Smarter Water Use and 34% Water Savings

With all of the other issues that board members and managers wrestle with day to day, landscaping may not be at the top of their minds. But the cost of inefficiencies can add up. A typical community association uses nearly double the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Often, boards and managers don’t know how much water they are using. In response to California’s ongoing drought, the community of Westaire in Martinez,… Read more »

The Drought Is Over — Good News, or Bad News?

This week Governor Jerry Brown declared the drought for California was officially over. I have seen other periodicals and headlines proclaim the same great news. However, I can’t help but wonder if the news is good or bad. At first glance, it’s reasonable to consider the news good. It would be really good news if the drought was over due to a combination of wet weather and excellent conservation practices. Unfortunately, as I read… Read more »