Resources for the California Drought

The ridiculously resistant high

Many scientists believe the California drought is being caused by a huge high pressure zone off the coast of California.  The zone of high pressure is 4 miles high and 2000 miles long.  The jet stream that would normally drop down into California this time of year has bumped off this high pressure ridge and been diverted to Alaska, British Columbia and the East Coast.  This high pressure ridge has… Read more »

3 Options To Reduce Water Consumption During The Worst Drought In State's History

Amid California’s driest year on record, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday officially declared a drought emergency in the state.  He asked all Californians to reduce at least 20% of their water use.  He also explained at this point all the conservation efforts would be voluntary.  However, it’s really up to local cities and local water agencies to decide what measures to take to battle the drought.  Some might decide to ban outdoor… Read more »

8 Stocks You Should Be Following

Did you miss the run up in Twitter stock this year? I know I did.  Twitter share price rose 42% from the time it was offered for trading on November 7th to the end of the year.  Twitter offers a great service, with revenue over $300 million, but has yet to turn a profit.  Time will tell if the run up is justified or not.  For those of us a little more conservative and conservation… Read more »

My Letter to Santa: All I want for Christmas is better water management

Dear Mr. Claus; I hope this letter finds you, Mrs. Claus, the elf’s and Reindeer all well. I trust you are all preparing for a busy season crafting toys, working on travel logistics and making wishes come true. (And I thought I had a tough job). I was a little reluctant to write this letter because I have reviewed a few of the extensive and detailed list of demands from some of the 8 year… Read more »

The Power of Smart Controllers

The power of smart controllers comes from using the “smart” features as a tool to manage water. I remember the first time I looked at an Excel spreadsheet I asked a colleague what is all the fuss about? It just looks like a sheet of graph paper to me.  I couldn’t believe there wasn’t some type of template already embedded so I could easily manipulate data.  As I learned more about Excel I started to… Read more »

How The Alliance For Water Efficiency Can Help You Save Water

Mary Ann Dickinson is the founder of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, an organization working to promoting the efficient, sustainable use of water in the U.S. and Canada.  The Alliance works with water utilities, water conservation professionals in business and industry, planners, regulators, and consumers to promote the water efficiency message. She has been active in water for many years.  In 1989 she was Deputy Director for Public and… Read more »

Four Ways Sustainability Improves Productivity

Imagine using things in your office in a different way. CBRE did when they created the “Workplace360” initiative.  “Workplace 360” is a strategy maximizing employee productivity through technology, space utilization, sustainability, mobility and enhanced flexibility.  I recently toured their first “Workplace360” location in downtown Los Angeles and have to say, this is an office I would want to work in everyday.

First WELL certified office space in the world

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5 Progressive Ideas About Water From Pat Mulroy

Pat Mulroy oversees the operations of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) and the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD). The Water Authority is responsible for acquiring, treating and delivering water to Southern Nevada. Mulroy was a principal architect of the Authority, which has allowed Southern Nevada to grow and thrive during a time of water shortages and drought.  Pat is  known nation wide as a leader in water… Read more »

3 Things I Loved About WaterSmart Innovations Conference

Social Media at WaterSmart Innovations

As soon as I saw the new mobile app for the WaterSmart Innovations Conference I knew this year Doug Bennett and his team stepped up their efforts in technology and social media.  The conference has always done a good job promoting themselves with Social Media, but this year was much better. There were two sessions about Social Media and a workshop teaching Social Media during… Read more »

Four Signs You Are Underwatering Your Plants

A few weeks ago I wrote an article concerning signs you are overwatering your plants.  It created interest in overwatering, but also sparked interests in the subject of underwatering plants.   Since some of the signs of overwatering and underwatering plants look very similar, I am sharing some signs of underwatering.

1.  Your plant is wilting

Wilting is a sign of both underwatering and overwatering your plants…. Read more »